Enhanced Document Capture

The most convenient way for you to provide your parents the documents they need and for you to collect photo uploads of important league documents

About Enhanced Document Capture

Instead of spending dozens of hours collecting and organizing athletes' documents like physicals, transcripts, or league packets, you can now collect them during the registration follow using Sports Thread’s enhanced document capture.  With mandatory fields, you will know that you are collecting the documents needed to be reviewed at any time before approving athletes onto their teams.

As an admin or a coach, you can also go in and assure your athletes have the documents needed to start the season.

How it works for parents

Parents can download their needed documents to fill out directly from the registration link, fill them out and upload them while completing their athlete's registration. Even if a parent does not have the correct document, they can always leave their session, come back and upload their athlete's information securely by logging back into their registration link.

After completing registration, parents can select their athletes desired team for the event.

How it works for coaches

Coaches have the ability to ensure the athletes on their teams have the correct information by:

  1. Loging into Sports Thread on their web browser
  2. Selecting their rosters
  3. Checking their rosters to see the needed documents from parents
  4. Uploading documents needed from athletes