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Hyper Targeted Audience

Sports Thread builds you a specific audience to target based on location, demographics, interests and browsing habits. Visitors to your website resulting from a highly audience-targeted campaign are much more likely to lead to a user action.

High Income Families

Sports Thread has the ability to target audience with large amounts of disposable income. High income families are a demanding demographic to reach and we can help you market directly to them.

Medium Variety

Why only get 1 type of ad, and only in 1 place? The Sports Thread Ad Network allows you to promote your brand in multiple places in multiple formats. See the medium breakdown below.

Reach The (A) Younger Market

When does your product life-cycle start? What if you could start building brand loyalty five years earlier? Our platform allows for you to reach and influence a younger market.

Deep Audience Segmentation

Does your product only apply to a certain sport? Or maybe a certain age demographic? Or a certain location? With Sports Thread you can narrow down your audience to reach the exact group you need to reach.

Optimized to Serve Brands of all Sizes

Small Ad budget? No problem. It doesn’t matter if you’re the biggest brand in the market, or the smallest. We can help build a campaign to maximize your ad spend.

How we target the right audience

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"Sports Thread over-delivered on every KPI we set. I can’t think of a better group to help companies reach sports-minded youths."

“Sports Thread has exceeded our expectations in terms of reach and results. Our brand store traffic and sales dollars more than doubled.”

“Our initial 3-month campaign with Sports Thread has exceeded our expectations in terms of ease of collaboration, reach and results. In month 1 we focused on brand awareness, and months 2 and 3 directed people to visit our Amazon Brand store. Over those 2 months, our brand store traffic and sales dollars (sales coming directly from visits to the brand store page) more than doubled. We feel this initial campaign was successful and want to continue working with Sports Thread as part of our marketing outreach to high school students.”

“We partnered with Sports Thread in the 1st QTR of 2021 to run campaigns for our eye black company. We had an incredible experience with the goal to increase both brand awareness and sales.As far as sales went we saw a mild increase in direct traffic, however saw a meaningful increase in our amazon sales. We attribute this to an increase of brand awareness. We will be a customer for life!”

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