Feature Details


Sports Thread’s scheduling service enables event providers to generate game schedules with ease, saving dozens of hours per week with auto-generation and drag-and-drop features.

About Scheduler

Once event registration is complete, all teams are available for scheduling.

The scheduling tool takes into account “constraints” to help you accommodate requests from coaches to ensure you publish the perfect schedule.

The scheduling tool also allows you to publish projected brackets so advancing teams to bracket play is as easy as scoring games and pressing “publish” after pool play ends, saving hours of time to release results during events.

Brackets are available ranging from 2-80 teams in single and double elimination formats.

How it works for your event

Event providers are able to score games in the Sports Thread application, enabling scorekeepers and officials to enter scores without a laptop.

All teams, coaches, athletes and parents are notified via push notification when brackets are published, eliminating the need to call and text coaches with elimination game times.

All game schedules publish to the Sports Thread application so your athletes, coaches, parents and teams can view live updates on and before game day.