Individual Registration

Customize individual registration for your event and league, verify your athletes’ ages automatically, collect the answers to your questions, and collect additional documents needed.

About Individual Registration

Create your registration how you need it with the most flexible and complete registration system in youth sports. Customize your registration with:

  • Additional information collection of the questions you need answers to.
  • Enhanced document collection for league documents, physicals, or anything else needed
  • Automated age verification to ensure a fair and safe event
  • Customizable pricing based on division
  • Team selection at the end of the registration
  • Set your league to manual or auto-approval for your rosters
  • Move athletes to any team or division so long as they are under the age cut-off for the division
  • Upload a PDF for your league documents for parents to download before registering their athlete

All this is offered al la carte to allow you the flexibility to collect the information you need to view in your dashboard at any time, where you can track registration progress, athlete responses, and finances all in one place. 

How it works for parents

Parents can easily create their Sports Thread account through the registration link to register their athletes. During this process, the parent can download a PDF for the league documents if uploaded during the creation process. They enter all the requested information, automatically verify their athlete’s age, and complete registration payment.

How it works for coaches

Once an athlete selects their team and is either manually or automatically added to their roster after completing registration, coaches can access their roster at any time through the Sports Thread website, here they can.

  1. Adjust their rosters with the ability to move an athlete to any of the teams they are coaching in your event as long as the athlete meets the age requirements.
  2. View their athletes entered information to help fill in any gaps left during the registration process.
  3. Invite coaches to join their roster