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Player Profile

Athlete profile pages provide athletes with access to a network of 2 million+ people in the youth sports world and over 2,000 colleges.

About athlete profile

Athletes benefit from free tools on their profiles including:

  • Media: Upload unlimited highlight clips for the world to see you train and compete!
  • Stats: Upload sport-specific stats. Coaches and other users can search by user-inputted stats to identify top talent nationwide.
  • Verified Stats: Event providers can upload verified statistics to athlete profiles to verify an athlete’s talent.
  • Bio: Athletes can write personal bio’s to let college coaches and the world know who they are.
  • Academics: Athletes can load in GPA, SAT, ACT and transcripts to enable college coaches to qualify them for admissions and academic aid.
  • Team & Coach Details: Athletes can list team and coach details for college coaches to review and obtain referrals for recruiting.
  • Contact Me: Users can direct message via sports thread chat to engage in private communication.