Additional Information Collection

Need to collect jersey size, address, or anything else during your athlete's registration and have all that information in one location to access? The additional information collection is here for you.

About Additional Information Collection

Create mandatory questions for parents to answer for their athletes allowing you to have all the needed information for each athlete located in your dashboard.

With up to 10 additional questions, you can collect the answers to the questions that you need. Then easily view or export them to properly analyze your responses.

How it Works for Parents

Parents can answer the questions by going through the registration workflow. These questions are required to complete registration for their athlete.

After completing registration, parents can select their athletes desired team for the event.

How it works for coaches

Coaches can login to Sports Thread on their web browser and view their rosters with their athlete's answers to the questions you asked. You can use this to help coaches understand their team and any requests from their athletes.