Age & Grade Verification

Sports Thread has created the only automated age verification service in the world. Event providers use Sports Thread’s “Play Safe” age and grade verification tool to ensure fairness, safety and integrity in their events.

About Age & Grade Verification

Sports Thread handles 100% of customer service, creating a plug-and-play service for event providers.

The entire age verification process is completed in less than 5 minutes per athlete. The service instantly authenticates athletes’ names, ages, and a variety of documents to verify ages including birth certificates, passports, driver’s licenses and state ID’s while collecting parent contact information, and liability waiver consent.

Sports Thread’s team registration system generates “team links” which are provided to coaches after registering for events using Sports Thread’s registration services. Coaches then simply text or email team links to their athletes/parents eliminating the need for coaches to fill in long roster forms.

Athletes are placed on rosters once age verified and provided with QR codes for check in on game day.

Ramp up your marketing efforts: All athletes and parents who complete age verification are itemized with athlete name, parent name, email address and phone number, enabling email and text message marketing for future events, camps, clinics, merchandise sales and other forms of revenues!

How it works for Coaches

Using custom team links for each team Sports Thread age verification seamlessly groups athletes and their parents on a team, helping coaches with:

  1. No longer having to to spend time filling in extensive roster forms, they simply take their team link and provide it to their team’s athletes/parents to complete in under 5 minutes.
  2. Coaches no longer have to bring folders with sensitive personally identifiable information to events. All user data is captured and encrypted to ensure privacy.
  3. Coaches can set up team-chat to carry out weekly communication.
  4. Athletes and Parents can be notified automatically of schedule changes and more through the Sports Thread system

How it works for parents/athletes:

Age verification not only ensures a safe and competitive event, but grants access to all of the Sports Thread platform including:

  1. Athletes and parents can rest assured that the event they are participating in is completely fair and safe from other athletes “playing down” in lower age divisions.
  2. All athletes receive profile pages to promote themselves to a nationwide audience of 2 million+ people to showcase their stats, highlight video and more.
  3. Athletes and parents can log into the Sports Thread app and view event schedules/scores/brackets, receive notifications from their event provider and more.
  4. Athletes receive free recruiting support to over 2,000 colleges