Team Registration Portal

Event providers can save thousands of dollars spent on expensive software development by integrating Sports Thread’s team registration portal directly into their company website - keeping web traffic where you want it, on your website!

About Team Registration

Teams are able to navigate to your website, create an account and check out and pay in minutes.

Once teams make payment, they are loaded into the admin dashboard and are ready for scheduling, roster creation and notifications from the Sports Thread system.

All registration and payment data from all teams are housed in the admin dashboard for data management, marketing and communication.

Teams also receive “team links” to add athletes to their rosters in minutes. How it works for your event:

How it works for coaches

Use your website as the main hub for coaches to register for you event with a process as simple as:

  1. Coaches are able to create an account and check out and pay in minutes on event provider’s websites.
  2. Coaches have accounts created for them where they are able to do roster management and receive important information from event providers.
  3. Coaches can log into the Sports Thread app and review game schedules and an itemized “My Schedule” feature with game times.